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About us

Who we are

The Society for Social Support & Education (SSSE) #1503 is a non-governmental organization registered in Lebanon and based in Beirut. It was founded in August 2019 as being the focused arm on the education project of the previous organization Social Support Society (SSS), which was founded in 2006. 

While SSS focused on the support of elderly and needy people, which was extended to refugee families and especially their children in the scope of the Syrian crisis, the education project managers decided in 2019 to continue the educational activities in a separate organization and in close cooperation with the Lebanese Ministry of Education. Through this stronger cooperation with the authorities, the educational perspective for Syrian refugees can be guaranteed on a long-term and sustainable basis. Great effort and hard work were put into establishing educational centers and recruiting the students as well as generating funds. This was achieved through relentless work of a group of ladies and the generous donations of many friends, charities and individual donors, thus beginning the road to what we have now. 

SSSE is currently in charge of the education project for 3 schools as well as the emergency response measures for refugee families since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2012, during which over 15,000 students have been given the opportunity to attend school; and over 10,000 Syrian refugee families were served. 

Our Values

Mission Statement

Our top priority is to contribute to improving the lives and future prospects for Syrian Refugee children through access to quality education in a safe environment. 

In addition to delivering quality education, our programs, include components designed to instill: 

  • self-esteem and self-confidence; 
  • creativity and teamwork;  
  • conflict resolution abilities;  
  • tolerance and acceptance of the views and opinions of others; 

We believe that where there is a will, there is a way; so the journey towards a better future must commence and continue unabated. Our biggest challenge during current difficulties in Lebanon and worldwide remains funding.  

Education is our only hope for the future of all refugee children. Providing quality unbiased education; free from all unwanted influences due to religious or political affiliations, remains our foremost goal.  

Executive board
  • Nimat Farhat Bizri | President
  • Mariam Kouatly Abu Dakr | Vice President
  • Basima Jabri Saadawi | Secretary
  • Ayla Damé | Treasurer
  • Elias Ibrahim | Member
Board of Trustees
  • Dr. Huda Zerik
  • Dr. Fatima Sbaity
  • Mr. Zaid Midani
  • Mrs. Maysa Kalo
  • Mr. Mohamad Bizri
  • Mr. Hazem Farra
Advisory Board & Fundraising:
  • Dr. Chris Lange
  • Mrs. Maysa Kalo
  • Mrs. Malika Myassar
  • Mr. Zaid Midani

Partners and funders