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Road to a brighter future

Road to a brighter future

Our educational programs are cater for over 1,300 children within two age groups (4-7) and (10-14) attending three schools in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley at Zahle | Barelias, and West Bekaa | Ghazza, and Kamed El Loz.
Quality educational as well as extracurricular activities are designed expressly with view to brightening the minds of our children, and enhancing their future prospects.
All-inclusive approaches are implemented at all times, thus our children are provided with transportation, stationery, books, and requisites for extra-curricular activities with the aim of ensuring a happy and safe environment.
In line with initiatives by Lebanon’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education, targeting implementation of non-formal education programs, SSSE is accredited to:
  • Provide quality, free education to all Syrian children regardless of religion, background or parents’ political views;
  • Cater for the developmental needs of children, including transportation, warm clothing, psychosocial support and extracurricular activities;
  • Facilitate the transfer of students into Lebanon’s public school system to ensure that they are able to obtain official and accredited certificates. 

According to the non-formal education program designed by (MEHE), developed and implemented by SSSE, our beneficiaries are provided with all facilities that help them go through learning processes provided by our centers which are fully pedagogically equipped.  

Our aim is to reach out to the most vulnerable students who are unable to access a safe and inclusive formal education SSSEs mission to embrace these children and provide them a healthy environment to learn and smoothly transition into the formal education system in the public schools.  

Learning Modalities

SSSE took concrete steps enabling it to deal with a series of disruptive events, such as the COVID-19 epidemic that impacted Lebanon and the world at large, including face-to-face, blended and online learning. Learning programs were adjusted for the delivery of distance learning 

Asynchronous Learning

Synchronous Learning

Face to Face Learning

Extracurricular Activities

Vocational Training

Digital Literacy

SSSE launched a digital literacy program with view to reaching out to both Syrian and Lebanese youth in order to enhance the basic computer skills. The program is divided into two components: Hardware and Software.